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A surprise for Andy Rahman

We are so happy to announce that our Lido Movie Event Thrills4Thrills was a *surprise* fundraiser for metastatic bladder cancer patient, Andy Rahman, a young man in Queensland who has been devastatingly given a life expectancy of 6-24 months. 

In this time Andy is determined to finish his 'bucket list', to have ‘a life worth living while (he's) got time’. From whale-watching, to getting a tattoo, to getting married to his wonderful fiancé Emma ~ you can share Andy’s inspirational journey via his Facebook page (

Our movie event this weekend raised over $3000, with every cent going toward Andy's Bucket List. 

Congratulations Andy! No one is more deserving than you!

Love team BCA

BCA cofounder Zoe Demkiw, meeting the wonderful Andy Rahman for the first time to talk about his exciting new immunotherapy trial & to pass on the Thrills4Thrills surprise cheque of $3000! We are thrilled to hear the money is going towards Andy and wife Emma’s upcoming trip to Canada. We are beyond delighted we as the BCA family, were able to help make this happen! #BCAthrills4thrills #loveyourbladder #andysbucketlist

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