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Christmas Party 2022

Christmas already!! Well the BCA is famous for leading the charge out of the gate when it comes to celebrations.

Bake Me Cake Me and the Mother Dough Italian Restaurant were the selected joint venues for our 2022 Xmas fun. This was a no brainer! The group merely had to imbibe on the bubblies and brews, splash about into the marshmallow pool at Cake Me Bake Me. Take a few photos and then negotiate the staircase next door into Mother Dough.

Fantastic to see not only our BCA patients and carers but also an expanding number of family members arrive to celebrate the day.

Meet and greet. Time for the “kids” to frolic in the marshmallow pool. Everyone on their best behaviour of course. LOL.

After a few quenching drinks, time for lunch.

Most of us successfully negotiated the stairs leading to the dining room. Very well decked out in the Xmas theme. Mother Dough lived up to its name with a sumptuous spread of pastas and pizzas. Thirsts well quashed by the bar nicely located at arm’s length to our tables.

Dress code theme for 2022 was Ugly Christmas Sweaters (amended to include Ugly Xmas T-shirts given Melbourne’s fickle weather ). A prize would be awarded to the “best” outfit.

Everyone got into the spirit. The judges had a difficult time deciding on one worthy winner. However after much deliberation - First Prize went to Naomi and Sean Jones for their fantastic reindeer creation. It blew everyone away.

A very close runner up went to the Siamese twins (Tracey Banbury and Suzanne Jordan) forever joined at the hip.

Slowly the afternoon drew to a close and time for us all to part our ways for the time being.

Thank you to Stephanie and Daz for bringing your children (big and little) . Zoe for introducing Alex and little Miss future into the clan. And it goes without saying. Thank you both for arranging everything.

Oh yes did I say - Special thanks to Zoe of the famed Bake Me Cake Me store for her scrumptious cookies. – Auto repeat 100 times.

Finally thanks to our BCA clan for always being there.

Hans and Annie

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