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BCA at UroGP 2022

This November, Bladder Cancer Awareness Australia’s Dr Stephanie Demkiw opened UroGP 2022, the 13th Annual Urology in General Practice Symposium, with her work on the Haematuria Guidelines and GP Education Project.

Held in Melbourne each year, UroGP represents Australia’s leading forum on urological health specifically for General Practitioners (Primary Care Physicians), by exploring complex urology health issues relevant to GPs, and outlining the latest solutions and innovative developments available for a range of urological conditions, with a highlight segment on bladder cancer.

The Haematuria Guidelines were published by the Australian Journal of General Practice and the Education Program has been rolled out by Dr Demkiw and Bladder Cancer Awareness Australia. The work was first formally presented in Paris in September 2022 as part of the WBCPC’s Patient Forum.

Links to the formally published guideline and PDF brochures for GP’s can be found here.

If you are a health professional, patient advocate or member of industry keen to learn more about this exciting project, please get in touch with Dr Demkiw via this link.

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