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A very warm Thank You from Danielle and the Russo Family

An amazing $5900 was raised by friends, family and the BCA community to progress bladder cancer research in Australia

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to the Tony Russo Research Memorial Fund

Where is my donation going? All donations (a total of $5900 raised) are going to the Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative (QBCI). QBCI is a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) led research initiative based in Brisbane, Australia, aimed to support men and women suffering from bladder cancer. Based at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) and Princess Alexandra hospital campus, the QCBI has a strong community and clinical focus and is a direct partnership consisting of clinicians, allied health professionals and research scientists.

What do QBCI do?

  • Clinical trials in the areas of bladder cancer, therapeutics and response to therapy

  • Translational research into bladder cancer

  • Community engagements to discuss issues surrounding people with bladder cancer

Thank You "We are absolutely blown away by the generosity of each and everyone of you who have donated to this incredible cause. A huge thank you from us all. Tony's death in some was has made a huge difference in helping the lives of others" xx Danielle

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