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Bubbles for Bladder Cancer 2022

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Bubbles for Bladder Cancer and Awareness Month Catch Up – Sunday 29th May 2022

Montalto Winery - It did not take much persuasion of our BCA members to use the winery as the location for the annual Bubbles for Bladder Cancer Awareness Day. Hmmm! What does that say about this group?

Seriously. Not only is Montalto is a fantastic location to chill out and relax but it provided an excellent public forum to promote BCA to the wider community.

A couple of our early arrivals took advantage of the sunshine and found a couple of tables at The Piazza to settle down for lunch. This was accompanied by the local vineyard bubbly to kickstart the bubbles theme!

As the rest of the group meandered down in dribs and drabs, it started to cloud over, and a noticeable chill was in the air. It didn't dampen the spirits of our BCA group. Friends create their own special kind of warmth and not long after we were all catching up with each other.

One of our group – “she who shall not be named (Annie)” – was enjoying herself so much that she fell over with laughter.

It was then time for everyone to gather and show off their biggest and best bubble making guns. Polly and Helen out did themselves with a couple of pieces that could have come from a Star Wars film set. A multitude of bubbles launched in the air reminding us of our ongoing cause.

Just on cue for the photographs, the sun broke out again and stayed for the rest of the afternoon. Have to love those group photos. Mostly everyone looking everywhere else except at the photographer.

The final part of the afternoon involved a walk through the Montalto Sculpture Trail. A nice way to round off the day looking at various pieces dotted throughout the fields. Some time for us break off and reflect collectively or individually on what’s happening around us.

Jurgen (Ironman) Lochtenberg found inspiration to commence his sculpture trail once he returns home.

So ends the day. Special thanks to Zoe of the famed Bake Me Cake Me store for her scrumptious cookies. Thanks to all who travelled near and far to have made this a special day.

Farewells, hugs, and best wishes to all.

Hans and Annie

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