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Think Tank 2018: Bigger and Better than ever!

Ealier this month, our board member Dr Stephanie Demkiw was fortunate enough to attend the BCAN Think Tank in Denver, Colorado - a meeting that brings together 250 of the top medical and scientific minds in bladder cancer.

Think Tank attendees 2018

The meeting opened with a session for patient advocates. This included approximately 30 patients, many of which have undergone neobladder or ileal-conduit surgery and whose stories and experience are vital to drive the yearly Think Tank.

The following two days focused on research and medical advances in potential treatments for bladder cancer. The main focus of these sessions was ~

  1. The microbiome and its contribution to cancer and bladder disease

  2. Solving the clinical trials conundrum

  3. Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma (UTUC): From improvisation to research-driven care

Stephanie was also an active participant in the Survivorship Working Group, where bladder cancer survivors and patient advocates actively brainstormed toward improved (and importantly, practical) resources for patients and their families.

(L-R) International patient advocates Elin, Stephanie, Ferg and Ranveig from Norway, Australia, Canada and Norway respectively.

The meeting was a huge success and we cannot wait to share more in coming weeks!

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